About Us

Gorrie Bible Fellowship began in 1985 as a daughter church of Wingham Bible Chapel in Wingham, ON. Like its mother congregation, GBF has roots in the "Brethren" movement. The church began meeting in the Community Hall in Gorrie, ON, and moved into its current building in the early nineties.


Our Cornerstones

Our four cornerstones are the foundation of our church. They describe the kind of church and the kind of people we are striving to be. They are:

  • Loving & Worshipping God
  • Passionately Following Jesus
  • Learning and Living the Bible
  • Making Disciples through Love

Our Stepping Stones

Our three stepping stones are the roadmap of our church. They describe three area of progress that we want to encourage within our church family. They are

  • Stepping Up: Walking With God
  • Stepping In: Participating in Church Life
  • Stepping Out: Reaching Our Community


Our Leaders
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